May, 2018

  1. Annual Wikimedia conference “Wikimania” to make debut in Sub-Saharan Africa

    The first-ever gathering in the sub-Saharan African region will be held in Cape Town, bringing together more than 700 people to discuss how to improve the diversity of knowledge represented on Wikipedia and Wikimedia sites. Key participants include Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director Katherine Maher, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, as well as notable thought leaders from across the African cont... Read more

  2. You asked, so we built it: Synced reading lists for Wikipedia’s Android and iOS apps

    Users on both apps can now bookmark articles, organize them into lists of articles, and share those lists across devices.... Read more

  3. Minister Ahmet Arslan: Wikipedia is open for improvement by anyone around the world, and should be open for editors in Turkey

    The Wikimedia Foundation is deeply concerned about recent statements attributed to the Turkish Minister of Transport, Maritime, and Communications Ahmet Arslan from Friday, the 18th of May, regarding the block of Wikipedia in Turkey. The Minister’s comments seriously misrepresent Wikipedia’s open editing model and efforts undertaken by the Wikimedia Foundation to lift the block.
    To address the... Read more

  4. A note on our approach to privacy

    We’re updating our privacy policy, and are inviting you to comment on the changes over the next thirty days. ... Read more

  5. Nine community-led projects receive rapid grants to inspire new readers

    How do we build awareness of Wikipedia in different countries, cultures, and language groups around the world? We trust local Wikimedians to offer their expertise.... Read more

  6. Twitter bots powered by Wikipedia: An interview with Darius Kazemi, internet artist

    We wanted to learn more.... Read more

  7. Exploring offline access to Wikipedia: WikiFundi, an editing tool for remote schools

    The latest installment of our offline access series sees the Wikimedia Foundation’s Anne Gomez talking about WikiFundi, an offline editing tool for remote schools, with Florence Devouard, one of its project managers.... Read more

  8. Here’s everything we published from the design, development, and data process for the page previews feature

    As an open and transparent organization, most of our documentation is placed online, able to be viewed and emulated by anyone. Here’s a list of the documentation for one of our recently released features.... Read more

  9. Hello, my name is ________: Searching for names is not always straightforward

    Names can be surprisingly complicated. What you think of as “your name” is probably a constellation of variations on a theme—possibly with a few random bits and bobs mixed in for good measure. Names that travel across cultures, languages, or writing systems cause all sorts of additional complications.... Read more

  10. The stories behind this year’s award-winning photographs from Wiki Loves Africa

    Late last year, photographers from around the world were invited to share their photos of people at work on the African continent. Over 18,000 were submitted. Here are the winners.... Read more