July, 2017

  1. Update: Wikimedia’s petition against the global extension of search engine delistings

    No single country or region should be able to control what information the entire world may access.... Read more

  2. Community digest: Odia Wikipedians document the Asian Athletics Championships; news in brief

    This month, Odia Wikipedians, Indian Athletics Federation and Sports and Youth Services collaborated to document the 2017 Asian Athletics Championships. Hundreds of photos were uploaded and new Wikipedia content added to inform the event’s fans. In addition, this week’s news in brief includes Wikipedian Wikinic in Seattle, writing competition in Russia, and more. ... Read more

  3. Why I write about Michał Heller, cosmologist and priest

    Philosopher and physicist Michał (Michael) Heller has a voice that substantively contributes to some of the major public debates of our time. This is why I wrote about him on Wikipedia.... Read more

  4. Great Hera! Wonder Woman powers June’s two most popular Wikipedia articles

    After seven weeks in theaters, Wonder Woman has become the summer’s top domestic earner in the United States and throughout the month of June, articles about the film and its star were the most visited on the English Wikipedia.... Read more

  5. Iberoconf 2017: How to shape Iberocoop as a space for learning

    Last month, a conference for Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking Wikimedia movement affiliates helped them share and acquire new knowledge in a variety of areas.... Read more

  6. Appeals court rules in favor of Wikimedia in Brazil

    Brazilian Court of Appeals rules that singer Rosana Fiengo does not have the right to censor the Wikipedia article about her.... Read more

  7. Italy’s video game archive breathes life into gaming history and culture

    Fifteen people gathered at the Cineteca di Bologna’s video game archive to find reliable sources and expand Wikipedia’s free knowledge.... Read more

  8. Wikimedia Sweden loses case as court rules against free access to public art online

    The Swedish Patent and Market Court has issued a ruling against freedom of panorama in Sweden. We respectfully disagree with the Court, and urge those interested to support Wikimedia Sweden (Sverige) in their further efforts to strengthen freedom of panorama.... Read more

  9. The Metropolitan Museum of Art: 375,000 windows on art history, and that’s just the beginning

    Richard Knipel, the Wikimedian in residence at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, looks back at the efforts made and future plans to further support collaboration between the museum and the Wikimedia movement. ... Read more

  10. Wikimedia Research Newsletter, April 2017

    The chilling effect of surveillance on Wikipedia readers, and other recent research... Read more