November, 2016

  1. Your donation keeps Wikipedia and free knowledge thriving

    Today, the Wikimedia Foundation begins its 2016 year-end contribution campaign on the English Wikipedia. Discover how generous donations from last year’s campaign supported Wikipedia and its sister projects in the past year... Read more

  2. Over a decade in, Piotr Konieczny is still editing and writing Wikipedia

    Piotr Konieczny has created and developed thousands of articles in his thirteen years of editing Wikipedia—and for ten of those, he has been teaching students with it.... Read more

  3. The top fifteen phenomenal winning photos from Wiki Loves Earth

    115,000 images were submitted as part of Wiki Loves Earth this year.... Read more

  4. Mailbag: Is Wikipedia related to WikiLeaks in any way? No.

    Answering your questions about how Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation work with the facts behind the facts. ... Read more

  5. Community digest: Wikipedians wrap up the first Africa destubathon, news in brief

    2,000 of over 37,000 articles about Africa are being improved in the first Africa destubathon. In addition, this week’s news in brief includes efforts to use photos from Wiki Loves Monuments in Ireland on Wikipedia, registration for WikiCon 2017 is now open, Funds Dissemination Committee announces its recommendations for the largest movement affiliate grants, and more.... Read more

  6. Freedom of expression includes the freedom to link

    You have probably never worried that you could be sued for posting a hyperlink to a video or article. But under a ruling by Hungarian national courts, it could be possible. ... Read more

  7. Why I write about dinosaurs (and other extinct creatures)

    FunkMonk has written 31 “featured” articles on Wikipedia, including Giganotosaurus, Ankylosaurus, dodos, and passenger pigeons. We asked why.... Read more

  8. “The future of information is going to be collaborative”: Jesús Lau

    A librarian by education, Jesús Lau has worked at five academic libraries in Mexico. As a regular Wikipedia reader, he values it for giving equal access to a comprehensive source of free knowledge. Professionally, he uses Wikipedia to teach information skills to undergraduate and doctoral students at Universidad Veracruzana, a public university in eastern Mexico.... Read more

  9. News on Wikipedia: Was the supermoon not so super? Wikimedia editors explain

    Media sources around the world covered the recent supermoon, and partly as a consequence, its Wikipedia page was visited over 300,000 times on November 14 alone. We talked to astronomers and Wikipedians to learn more about the supermoon.... Read more

  10. Wikimedia Foundation’s response to recently compromised staff and community wiki accounts

    Beginning on Friday, November 11, 2016, wiki accounts belonging to Wikimedia Foundation staff and community members were temporarily compromised. This incident is under investigation, and we will make more information available as we are able to do so.... Read more