October, 2016

  1. Remembering Khalid Mahmood

    Today marks one year since Khalid Mahmood, a Wikipedia editor and pioneer, passed away after a long illness.... Read more

  2. Histropedia: “The power of data visualisation combined with free knowledge”

    Can you imagine getting a register from Wikipedia of all the notable people born on any given day, not in a list form, but in a chronologically-ordered timeline, with their achievements, photos and birthdays?... Read more

  3. Wikipedia’s medical content: A new era of collaboration

    Wikipedia’s medical content warrants special attention. This creates a need for novel forms of collaboration and contribution in order to update and improve its content, in order to offer not only free but also reliable medical knowledge.... Read more

  4. Semana i held for the third consecutive year

    It’s not often when a traditional educational institution offers money and other resources to do Wikimedia-related work. But then, Semana i is not your ordinary academic event.... Read more

  5. Building a more inclusive movement at WikiConference North America 2016

    Held earlier this month in San Diego, WikiConference North America took a proactive approach to inclusivity, featuring dozens of talks on how Wikipedians can improve and uplift the movement as well as the community.... Read more

  6. New dataset shows fifteen years of Wikipedia’s quality trends

    Looking to study how Wikipedia articles have improved over time? We’ve generated a dataset that tracks the quality of articles at monthly intervals over the entire 15-year history of Wikipedia across multiple languages—that’s 670 million assessments!... Read more

  7. Wikipedia community and Internet Archive partner to fix one million broken links on Wikipedia

    More than one million formerly broken links in the English Wikipedia have been updated to archived versions from the Wayback Machine, thanks to a partnership between the Internet Archive, volunteers from the Wikipedia community, and the Wikimedia Foundation.... Read more

  8. Alan Turing legislation followed closely by Wikipedia editors

    Proposed legislation in the United Kingdom would pardon thousands of people who were convicted and cautioned under now abolished anti-homosexuality laws. Wikipedia editors are updating the relevant articles to give readers the historical context behind the Alan Turing-inspired legislation.... Read more

  9. A passion for hurricanes and video games: Brenden Moses

    Brenden Moses joined Wikipedia at a very young age. In the past nine years, he has invested his interest in storms and other topics to contribute 177 quality articles on Wikipedia.... Read more

  10. Wikimedia Research Newsletter, September 2016

    Wikipedia Dispute Index a mixed bag; how motivations differ among contributor roles
    With contributions by: Piotr Konieczny, Morten Warncke-Wang and Tilman Bayer... Read more