August, 2016

  1. Help put a time capsule of free knowledge on the Moon

    With Wikipedia to the moon, the international Wikipedia community has been given the opportunity to preserve a snapshot of the largest collection of human knowledge in history as a lunar time capsule—and you can still help decide which articles will make it there. ... Read more

  2. Expanding opportunities for free knowledge in Tunisia: Habib M’henni

    Habib M’henni believes in the value of free knowledge. He applies this principle in his continuous efforts to serve the Wikimedia movement and inspires others to do the same.... Read more

  3. Writing women into Wikipedia with the United Nations: the #HERstory editathons

    One editor published her first Wikipedia article at a Cairo #HERstory editathon. “I attended without having a clue about what should I do or how to write on Wikipedia,” she said. “I can’t wait to write more.”... Read more

  4. Standing on the shoulders of “good enough”—25 years of Linux

    Happy birthday to Linux, the free and open source computer operating system.... Read more

  5. Community digest: Tulu Wikipedia goes live after eight years in Incubator; news in brief

    Eight years after being created in the Wikimedia Incubator, the Tulu-language Wikipedia is now live as the 23rd Indic language Wikipedia.... Read more

  6. Why you should be paying attention to Wikidata and GLAM

    As a collaborative project, Wikidata is looking for more partners to fill in data gaps. Every one of the initiatives listed above needs help matching data from important collections to existing Wikidata entries, or help for the Connected Open Heritage community in prioritizing the next source of cultural data to target and improve.... Read more

  7. Switzerland’s ETH-Bibliothek is uploading 134,000 images to Wikimedia Commons

    “We are trying to bring the material to where the users are”: the uploads from Switzerland’s largest public scientific and technical library include photos from noted aviator Walter Mittelholzer, who flew to places around the world in the 1920s and 1930s.... Read more

  8. Wiki Loves the Olympics encourages collaboration on Wikimedia projects

    Weeks before the 2016 Summer Olympics kicks off, the Wikipedia community has made strides to turn this enthusiasm for the Olympics and Paralympics into collaboration to expand content about the games on Wikimedia projects.... Read more

  9. The most popular browser

    Looking at the internet through the lens of Wikimedia.... Read more

  10. “It’s incredible that history decays almost immediately”: Evan Amos and the Vanamo Online Game Museum

    Evan Amos started contributing to Wikipedia just from a desire to improve things. Five years later, he has created the world’s largest collection of high quality, freely available photographs of video games consoles, with a good deal of help from the video gaming community.... Read more