July, 2016

  1. Community digest: I moved to Germany to help organize the Wikimedia Conference

    Teele Vaalma of Wikimedia Estonia recalls her time in Germany and her work in helping to organize the annual Wikimedia Conference.... Read more

  2. Android app now offers new ways to browse Wikipedia and find trending, recommended articles

    The updated Wikipedia app for Android features a completely redesigned home screen, now including the explore feed, in addition to other new features and improvements.... Read more

  3. Wikipedia seeks to speak your language

    Wikipedia readers speak many languages, so it’s not a surprise that sometimes they search for phrases not in the language of the wiki that they’re currently reading. We’re changing that by adding language detection to Wikipedia’s search engine.... Read more

  4. In a world filling with artificial intelligence, how will our laws and society adapt?

    Artificial intelligence is something that already impacts our day-to-day lives across all industries. Four panelists met at the Wikimedia Foundation’s offices on July 19 to discuss the law and emerging technologies, like driverless cars and AI-assisted language research.... Read more

  5. Why I contribute to Wikisource

    Hrishikes Sen has nearly 30,000 edits across the Wikimedia projects, most of them made on Wikisource. Here, he discusses the motivations behind his work and what Wikisource can bring to the world.... Read more

  6. A change of perspective is needed in Wikimedia-GLAM cooperation

    Barbara Fischer, the GLAM coordinator at Wikimedia Germany, believes that the movement is at a turning point in GLAM activities and that a change of perspective is needed.... Read more

  7. Wikimedia Research Newsletter, June 2016

    Using deep learning to predict article quality; search engine helps school kids navigate Chinese Wikipedia; talk page sentiment
    With contributions by: Morten Warncke-Wang, Liang (WMTW), Tsung-Ho Liang and Tilman Bayer... Read more

  8. Wikipedia edit-a-thon, 72 hours long, is recognized with a Guinness World Record

    Wikimedia Mexico and Museo Soumaya partnered for the event, named #72HorasConRodin for the “progenitor of modern sculpture.”... Read more

  9. Illustrating the 1968 Democratic National Convention—48 years later

    Wikipedia articles about historic events can sometimes host amazing photography and video, sometimes not; it can take a bit of dedication by Wikipedia editors to illustrate articles on news events well.... Read more

  10. Wikivacation contest in Poland offers opportunities for tourists and locals alike

    The new contest will allow participants to submit their beautiful shots of monuments, nature, and art located in public space, along with small urban architecture of historical value. You can also write new articles where these pictures can be used.... Read more