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What do you think of the Wikimedia Blog? How can it help you?

We’d love to hear your feedback about the current blog content and features, as well as your suggestions for improvement.

Please take this short survey.

If you are not familiar with the blog, we invite you to visit it before you take the survey.

We plan to improve the blog’s contents and features in coming months, based on what you and others tell us.

Here are our goals for this survey:
• understand who our current blog users are
• find out what you like / don’t like, by user group
• learn what other users think of the blog
• identify key content and feature improvements
• inform our editorial strategy for communications

User groups to be surveyed include blog authors and readers, contributors, developers, donors and readers, as well as foundation staff.

We will run this survey for a couple weeks and post the results at the end of March, both here on the blog and on Meta.

Thanks for sharing your feedback!

Fabrice Florin
Movement Communications Manager
Wikimedia Foundation