September, 2014

  1. Wikimedia Research Newsletter, September 2014

    Vol: 4 • Issue: 9 • September 2014
    99.25% of Wikipedia birthdates accurate; focused Wikipedians live longer; merging WordNet, Wikipedia and Wiktionary... Read more

  2. Round-table with editors from the Catalan Wikipedia

    On September 5, 2014 the Language Engineering team hosted an online round-table with editors of the Catalan Wikipedia to discuss the Content Translation tool. ... Read more

  3. Damon Sicore joins Wikimedia Foundation as Vice President of Engineering

  4. Quantitative versus Qualitative: More friends than enemies

    As Wikimedia program leaders and evaluators work together toward more systematic measurement and evaluation strategies, we face a common challenge to have both systematic quantitative data and qualitative information. ... Read more

  5. Greek Wikipedia user wins key hearing in defamation case

    We are happy to report that a member of our community, Greek Wikipedia user and administrator Diu, has won a critical hearing in an ongoing defamation suit... Read more

  6. A behind the scenes look at the Wikimedia Foundation’s emergency response system

    When my work phone rings in the middle of the night, I don’t ever have to wonder what it is. As one of the team of five who are charged with addressing emails sent to the Wikimedia Foundation’s emergency address, I sleep lightly on nights when I’m on call. […]... Read more

  7. Chilean regulator welcomes Wikipedia Zero

    Since 2012, Wikipedia Zero has provided access to freely licensed educational information to mobile users in Africa and Asia, free of data charges. ... Read more

  8. OpenGLAM at Wikimania 2014

  9. New FOSS Outreach Program internships for female technical contributors

    The Free and Open Source Software Outreach Program for Women offers paid internships to developers and other technical contributors working on projects together with free software organizations. […]... Read more

  10. Editors find wide range of uses for source access donated by

    The Wikipedia Library is continuing to build opportunities for Wikimedia editors to access reliable sources, by negotiating with publishers to get Wikipedians free access accounts to their digital databases.... Read more