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Screenshot of selecting the OpenDyslexic font

For those who suffer from dyslexia, the simple task of reading can become a monumental struggle. It can be hard to understand exactly what what it means to have dyslexia for those who don’t suffer from it, for this reason the condition can often go unaddressed. Fortunately there is hope in the form of the OpenDyslexic font.

With so much reading being done on computer screens, it is finally possible to help individuals with dyslexia. The OpenDyslexic font changes the shape of characters enough to make reading a lot easier for those who suffer from dyslexia.

Wikipedia supports OpenDyslexic for many languages, but unfortunately not for Polish. At the CEE conference in Modra, Slovakia, we learned that Polish can be supported as well. The request to enable OpenDyslexic was quickly granted and it is now fully supported. We would like to celebrate this occasion with the larger dyslexic community who we hope will benefit from this new feature on Polish Wikipedia.

Gerard Meijssen, Wikimedian

Screenshot of selecting the OpenDyslexic font