Call for Wikimedia tech projects needing contributors

Wikimedia tech needs you!

The current round of Google Summer of Code and FLOSS Outreach Program for Women is about to end, and it’s time to start a new cycle of mentored projects in Wikimedia tech.

Check and contribute to the list of Possible Projects on if you are:

  • editors on a Wikimedia project awaiting a specific software feature;
  • an organization with budget for tech activities looking for a short term goal;
  • a tech contributor with a cool idea for Wikimedia projects or MediaWiki in general.

Even if software development is a prominent activity, we also encourage proposals focusing on other technical areas: quality assurance, design, sysadmin, promotion, etc.

Post your proposal soon, edit it often. By submitting a proposal to the Possible Projects page you get attention and help from the tech community in the form of reality checks and contacts with possible mentors, interested projects and funding sources. 21 projects were selected in our last round.

We keep searching for more opportunities to channel these projects, both within the Wikimedia movement (Individual Engagement Grants, chapters…) and out there (organizations encouraging free software and diversity in tech).

We want to hear your feedback! Use the Possible Projects discussion page or comment below.

Quim Gil
Technical Contributor Coordinator (IT Communications Manager), Wikimedia Foundation

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2 Comments on Call for Wikimedia tech projects needing contributors

Quim Gil 2 years

Hi Rakesh, if you want to ask questions about current possible projects, please ask at

If you want to propose a project idea, then the IdeaLab is the right place to do so:

Good luck and thank you for your interest!

Rakesh Kumar 2 years

I just want to ask, I know the sources from where we can collect the information and submit the content in our own style. Still I can work on this? I can be a tech contributor with some cool ideas.

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