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Contributory nav on Wikimedia mobile.Have you ever looked up something quickly on Wikipedia on your phone, noticed a small mistake, and wished you could fix it on the spot? Or maybe you didn’t realize that you could contribute? Now you can help keep Wikipedia and its sister projects up-to-date and accurate when you’re on the go by editing from your phone.

Wikipedia’s quality content is built by ordinary people all over the world watching and editing articles every day. Anyone with a computer can edit, but with over 15% of our users accessing Wikipedia on mobile devices and growing, the Wikimedia Foundation had to do more to let anyone with Internet access contribute to the sum of all human knowledge. For this reason, we’ve just released a new feature: editing for mobile.

As a trial, the first version of mobile editing requires a Wikimedia account. To get started, look for the pencil icon. If you don’t have an account, don’t worry, it’s quick and easy to create one on desktop or mobile! Once you’re logged in, you can use the pencil next to any section to make changes to that section.

For our first release, our primary goal was to create a fast, intuitive editing experience for new users and experienced editors alike, while still sticking with markup editing for now. We started simple so we could observe our users’ needs and expectations.Mobile editing interface.

We’ve already seen an encouraging number of users try out editing on our experimental beta site, where we first built the feature. Now that it’s available for all users, we hope to learn more about the kinds of edits people make on mobile and build more advanced features, including possible VisualEditor integration, in future releases.

We spent a lot of time testing the new mobile editor and trying to make it work on as many devices as possible, but this is still the first release. We would love to hear your feedback, any suggestions you have, and any problems you encounter, so we can continue to improve this feature. Tell us what you think on Twitter @WikimediaMobile.

If you love Wikipedia and have an Internet-enabled phone, give mobile editing a try. If you’ve never edited Wikipedia before, now is a great time to start – it’s quicker and easier than ever before. Help us make Wikipedia and its new mobile editor better!

Juliusz Gonera
Software engineer, mobile web

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Nemo 2 years

As for why editing on mobile requires an account, we will hopefully discover the exact reasons and way ahead in less than another year from now, at: https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=53069

Currently I’m trying to discover if Mobile is what killed editor recruitment aand editing activity on some top 10 Wikipedia(s): https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Research:The_sudden_decline_of_Italian_Wikipedia#Causes

Andrew Davidson 3 years

Thanks. I just tried this, adding a wikilink, to the section of an article that I’m working on and found it quite easy. I would usually have switched to the desktop mode to do this but this is another good option now. Thanks.

— Andrew

Tilman Bayer 3 years

Hello ping,

the rest of those “75 Responses” are pingbacks from websites elsewhere who linked to htis blog post (many of them copies of http://thenextweb.com/insider/2013/07/25/you-can-now-edit-wikipedia-on-the-go-as-wikimedia-turns-on-mobile-editing/ , but also publications in other languages, e.g. http://www.computerbase.de/news/2013-07/wikipedia-erlaubt-mobiles-bearbeiten/ , http://www.zdnet.de/88163458/wikipedia-bringt-editierfunktion-fur-mobil-browser/ , http://www.clubic.com/internet/actualite-575220-wikipedia-ouvre-edition-mobile.html , http://www.netokracija.com/wikipedia-mobilno-53081 , http://iittinfo.tk/?p=175).

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ping 3 years

“75 Responses to “Edit Wikipedia on the go””

I see only 1…

frances lariosa 3 years

dear wikipedia/media,
it was wrong answer so can you please do it right kasi we know that the children was have an assignment and it is research if they search but the answer is wrong hopefully you can do it right and please don’t forget that we all know that the children will research so i know whats the correct hopefully you can do it right and better as much as you can.. thank you

Respectfully yours,
Frances Lariosa

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