1. Wikimedia Research Newsletter, December 2013

  2. WMF Board publicly rolls out its updated governance handbook

  3. Handling our user data – an appeal and a response

  4. New draft feature provides a gentler start for Wikipedia articles

  5. November notes from Brussels

  6. OpenDyslexic font now available on Polish Wikipedia

    For those who suffer from dyslexia, the simple task of reading can become a monumental struggle. It can be hard to understand exactly what what it means to have dyslexia for those who don’t suffer from it, for this reason the condition can often go unaddressed. ... Read more

  7. New Individual Engagement Grantees to engage community with tools and outreach

  8. Sue Gardner to receive first Knight Innovation Award

    The Wikimedia Foundation is delighted to share the news that Sue Gardner will receive the first Knight Innovation Award from the Knight Foundation.... Read more

  9. Wikimedia Highlights, November 2013

  10. Wikimedia Foundation Report, November 2013