Capilla de Siecha, Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 finalist.
Capilla de Siecha, 1st Place, Wiki Loves Monuments 2012, Colombia.

The Colombian organizers of Wiki Loves Monuments have announced the top-ten finalists from their country, including their top three, which can be seen here. Among the impressive finalists are the haunting, crumbled, ruins of an old railroad station, the lush, green beauty of one of the worlds most stunning eco-parks, and the ancient temple in Vera Cruz. More than 290 people uploaded nearly 6,500 photos, displaying the awe-inspiring diversity of Colombia’s cultural heritage. Wiki Loves Monuments is the largest photo contest in the world, with more than 15,000 people uploading over 360,00 images in 2012.

Learn more about Wiki Loves Monuments at the international site and check out the other Colombian winners here.

Stay tuned for the international winners to be announced in early December!

Darrin Fox, Communications Intern

Torre Herveo, Wiki Loves Monuments Finalist 2012.
Torre Herveo, 2nd Place, Wiki Loves Monuments 2012, Colombia.
Corredores Internos Castillo San Felipe, Wiki Loves Monuments finalist 2012.

Castillo San Felipe, 3rd Place, Wiki Loves Monuments 2012, Colombia.