Article feedback v5 starts wider deployment on Wikipedia

Article Feedback Workflow between Readers EditorsI am happy to announce that Wikimedia’s editor engagement team has started a wider deployment of Article Feedback version 5 on the English Wikipedia.

This new version of Article Feedback provides a new way for readers to contribute productively on Wikipedia. It engages them to make suggestions about articles they are reading — and invites editors to improve these articles based on this feedback. Our research also suggests that this new tool can help readers become editors over time.

We are currently testing this new tool on 3% of the English Wikipedia, and plan to gradually increase its reach to 10% by the end of July 2012. After final testing and debugging in the coming weeks, we expect to release this new version on all English Wikipedia articles in early fall — then to other projects in the following months. (Note that we will then retire the earlier Article Feedback version 4, which was based solely on user ratings, without comments.)

Based on our research, we now project a significant amount of feedback when the tool is fully deployed on the English Wikipedia. As a result, we believe that this new tool can enable a new form of participation for Wikipedia readers, most of whom do not currently edit the encyclopedia.

Here’s how you can learn more about Article Feedback v5:

We invite you to try out Article Feedback now, on one of these pages:

New feedback form, shown at the bottom of some Wikipedia articles.

New feedback form, shown at the bottom of some Wikipedia articles.


Please let us know what you think of this new tool. We welcome your questions and suggestions in the comments below — or on the Article Feedback Talk page.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Wikipedia community members who helped create Article feedback. Over the past nine months, we worked closely with many experienced editors to design features that serve the needs of readers and editors alike. This deployment is an important milestone for us all, and we look forward to more collaborations on future editor engagement projects.

We hope you find this new feature useful. We can’t wait to see it used more widely on Wikipedia!

Fabrice Florin, Product Manager

Wikimedia Foundation’s Editor Engagement Team


P.S.: If you plan to attend Wikimania 2012 this week, we invite you to join this talk on Article Feedback.

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3 Comments on Article feedback v5 starts wider deployment on Wikipedia

Fabrice Florin 4 years

Hi Mark, sorry to keep our final deployment date open, but the realities of software development is that it’s hard to pin down a final date until we are done with code re-factoring, scaleability, new platform support and localization. We are aiming for the second week in September, if that’s more useful to you — but please don’t hold us up to it, as that date could change due to reasons outside of our control.

Jon, sorry if our graphic offended you, this was certainly not intentional. We wanted to include both male and female representations of our contributors, as part of our overall goal to reduce the gender gap on Wikipedia. But we could create a new graphic where people do not hold hands, if others take issue with this as well. I personally find it inoffensive, particularly since this graphic is based on an international symbol that is widely accepted by modern society.

Jon 4 years

I don’t like that picture on the top right at all. It suggests that a relationship between a man and a woman is the only form of relationship. They should not be holding hands, as it offends me as a gay man.

Mark 4 years

“Early fall” isn’t useful to an international audience like the internet. Thanks

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