Wiktionary, the online dictionary that anyone can edit, is now available as a mobile app for Android in Google Play (formerly Android Market). With the official Wiktionary App, you can:
Wiktionary final

  • Read Wiktionary in over 150 languages
  • Share pages with friends
  • Listen to word pronunciations
  • Save your favorite pages
  • Read the Word of the Day
  • … and more!

Expanding the reach of Wikimedia projects on Android is an important contribution to spreading free knowledge globally. And this is a great example of the motto, “Fork our code, reach millions, and help educate the world!”

A volunteer development effort, the Wiktionary App was developed in collaboration with Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects. Four Canadian undergraduate Computer Science students built the app as volunteers, using the code of the existing Wikipedia App, and adding additional features for Wiktionary.

Like the Wikipedia App before it, the Wiktionary App is committed to Open Web technologies. It is built using the open source framework PhoneGap, and uses HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. The code is completely open source, and available on GitHub. Anyone can get involved – by submitting code, adding translations on Translatewiki, or by becoming a contributor to Wiktionary.

We’re excited to release this app and get Wiktionary into the hands of more mobile users. We hope you are as excited as we are!

Patrick Hayes, Volunteer