The Wikimedia Foundation today announced a partnership with DigiCert, Inc. based in Linden, Utah, to secure its web and mobile properties, using the company’s Enterprise SSL Managed PKI. The agreement supports online authentication and encryption on Wikimedia’s web and mobile properties, while enabling Foundation staff to streamline digital certificate management.

“The Wikimedia Foundation is grateful for this partnership with DigiCert, which will enhance our ability to secure the millions of online exchanges that occur with our websites each day,” said CT Woo, Director of Technical Operations for the Wikimedia Foundation. “It’s important for Wikimedia to identify like-minded partners that value transparency and the privacy of our users.”

DigiCert is an online security provider for many of the most recognized companies and web sites in the world, including four of the top 10 comScore-ranked sites. With 489 million unique visitors to the 285 language Wikipedias and sister sites each month, the Wikimedia Foundation seeks partners who share its mission to ensure transparency and privacy for its users.

DigiCert has seen consistent growth over time and is currently the world’s third-largest provider of enterprise authentication services and digital certificates, with numerous government, educational and business clients around the world.

“DigiCert is pleased to partner with the Wikimedia Foundation in recognizing the importance of the free and secure flow of information across the Internet and to support the Foundation’s mission,” said DigiCert CEO Nicholas Hales in a press release. “We’re excited to have another opportunity to demonstrate the quality, scalability and flexibility of DigiCert’s products for a continually expanding roster of globally leading organizations of all sizes and industries.”

CT Woo, Director of Technical Operations