May, 2012

  1. Wikidata Summit kicks off in Berlin

    The Wikidata & RENDER summit, a 2-day technical event focusing on the integration of structured data with Wikipedia, started today in Berlin, Germany, as a prologue to the Wikimedia Hackathon.... Read more

  2. Wikimedians getting ready for Wikimania 2012 in Washington DC

  3. Commons Picture of the Day: The Lys River in Belgium

  4. Wikimedia Research Newsletter, May 2012

  5. 1 million media files uploaded using Upload Wizard

    A year after its release, the Upload Wizard has been used to upload more than 1 million freely licensed media files, and has contributed to an acceleration of growth of the Wikimedia Commons community.... Read more

  6. Wikimedia wikis reveal their interwiki map

    Starting today, every Wikimedia wiki is revealing its interwiki map to the world, with the deployment of the Interwiki extension.... Read more

  7. Wikipedia Zero launches in Malaysia with Digi

  8. Survey shows improved editor satisfaction

  9. Cairo Pilot of Wikipedia Education Program nearing end of term

  10. Wikimedia Foundation endorses mandates for free access to publicly funded research