Wikimedia Foundation Annual Report 2010-11

Wikimedia Foundation Annual Report 2010-11

The Wikimedia Foundation is pleased to present the 2010-11 Annual Report, titled ‘the way the world tells its story.’ This year’s report focusses on global celebrations around Wikipedia 10, our emerging work in India, the global education program, our mobile expansion efforts, and on our major engineering/product accomplishments and ambitions.

We center the book around the amazing Arab Spring article, highlighting the inspiring quote from Wael Ghonim ‘Our revolution is like Wikipedia…’

This year we have also prepared six multilingual summary reports, in Japanese, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.

The report is as much a story of the work and activities of our international community as it is a traditional report on the work of WMF through the year. The report is both an update on the activities of the Foundation, and also a wide-ranging review of the work of chapters, volunteers, partners, and individuals around the world. We aim to enlighten the reader with the incredible range of activity and innovation in our movement – to take them beyond the idea that Wikipedia is simply text living on the web and show them a thriving and dynamic community.

As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions. You can add comments along with the community on the meta wiki talk pages.

Many thanks to the report production team: Tilman Bayer, design strategist David Peters, and our story consultant David Weir, and our Communications intern AJ Alexander. Mostly we owe huge thanks to the Wikimedians who made and shared the beautiful imagery in the book by posting it to Commons. This is an ambitious, 100% fueled-by-free-works project. I’d like to think it’s one of the more unique and successful free culture printed works out there – and it wouldn’t be possible without our community.

Thanks and enjoy!

Jay Walsh, Communications