August, 2011

  1. Never too late: Taking measures to promote Armenian Wikipedia

  2. Three weeks left in the Wikipedia Participation Challenge

  3. Report for Editor Survey, April 2011

  4. The Taj to the Tuk-Tuk. Language in the Indian Wikiworld.

  5. Filter preventing abusive edits comes to all wikis

    The AbuseFilter extension for MediaWiki, which helps prevent vandalism on wikis, will be globally enabled on all Wikimedia projects later today.... Read more

  6. New Media Order in Turkey

  7. Kiwix localisation is supported at

    Offline use of Wikimedia content is a strategic goal for the Wikimedia Foundation. Kiwix is an offline app that allows user to read content without an internet connection, and it can now be localized into many languages on Read more

  8. 2011 Fundraiser Engineering Is Underway!

    Engineering efforts for the 2011 annual Wikimedia Foundation fundraiser are underway. This year’s efforts kicked off at the end of May and will be ongoing through the 2011 fundraiser. This article is the first in a series of posts that we will make following the completion of our development sprints. We will provide an overview of what happened during the sprint, discuss some of the challeng... Read more

  9. Wikimedia engineering July 2011 report

    Major news in July include: ongoing data replication from our primary Florida data center to our new Virginia data center; The deployment of the Article Feedback feature to all articles on the English Wikipedia, and the deployment of MoodBar; The successful implementation of a MySQL-based parser cache on Wikimedia wikis; and Mid-term evaluation of our Summer of Code projects.... Read more

  10. Calling mobile testers for round two