May, 2011

  1. Montana Campus Ambassadors recruit new Wikipedians

  2. GLAMCamp NYC leads to work on software, outreach, and more

  3. News about the Bookshelf Project and new direction for Fellowship

  4. New interactive visualization shows global distribution of Wikipedia edits

    The animation shows a global map of edits made on May 10, 2011.

    Wikimedia Data Analyst Erik Zachte recently unveiled a new interactive visualization showing the global distribution of edits for various language editions of Wikipedia.... Read more

  5. GLAMCampNYC: help us make mass uploads easier

  6. Developers go home after productive Berlin hackathon

    Most MediaWiki developers who attended the Berlin hackathon this weekend have left the German capital and returned home, after three days of collaborative coding, group discussions, short presentations, and bug fixing.... Read more

  7. Berlin hackathon continues with group coding, discussions and bug squashing

    With tired eyes, and fueled by ridiculously large amounts of coffee, Wikimedia developers and engineers are now starting their third and last day of collaborative coding at the Berlin “hackathon”.... Read more

  8. Wikimedia developers start second day of Berlin hackathon

    Typical traffic lights in Berlin

    MediaWiki developers and Wikimedia engineers are starting their second day of coding, discussing and bug-smashing today in Berlin, Germany. This “hackathon”, organized by Wikimedia Deutschland, started yesterday, and will last until tomorrow Sunday.... Read more

  9. Wikimedia tech crowd and MediaWiki developers gather in Berlin

    MediaWiki developers and Wikimedia engineers have flown from all over the world to meet up in Berlin. For the third time, Wikimedia Deutschland is organizing a “hackathon”, a coding event where developers work together to improve the MediaWiki software and the technological platform for Wikipedia.... Read more

  10. Long-time Editor AGK Reflects on the Past, Present and Future of Wikipedia