Continuing with the work started last week, we plan to deploy 1.17 to more wikis in a couple hours (Wednesday, February 16 at 6:00 UTC for 6 hours).  We had hoped we would be able to figure out the performance issues in the past week, but unfortunately, the only practical way we have to see the load problems we witnessed last week is to put the software into production.  We have put a lot of instrumentation in place to help us diagnose our load issues.  We plan to start the upcoming deployment by rolling out to, and do some debugging (rolling back if necessary).  If we’re able to diagnose and fix the problems quickly, we then plan to roll out 1.17 more widely.  If we’re still stumped, we may still roll out to a few more low-traffic wikis, but leave the high-traffic sites until we figure this out.

We plan to have more updates and detailed information on the deployment page on  Thanks for your patience!

Update (2011-02-16 6:45 UTC): We’ve started the deploy, and it’s going better than we hoped.  We’ve deployed to several wikis now, including,,, and  More detailed updates will happen on the deployment page on

Update  (2011-02-16 12:39 UTC) – We have now pushed 1.17 to all wikis, and the deployment window is closed. Please see deployment page on for the best way to report any problems you might encounter.