Wikipedia 10 logoIn one month, Wikipedia will observe its 10th anniversary. On and around January 15th 2011, we will celebrate with volunteers, donors, and other supporters on six continents. From the launch of a new outreach project in Kenya to a film screening in Tel Aviv, there are currently 65 events of all kinds you can attend.

The complete list of anniversary activities can be found at, the public collaboration space where we’re cataloging everything the Wikipedia community is doing to commemorate our first decade. Most events are free to attend or very low cost. All are open to participation by anyone who wants to join in reflecting on our collective accomplishments and goals for the future.

The Wikimedia Foundation would like to thank those who are hosting celebrations by sending free 10th anniversary merchandise. These kits of t-shirts, stickers, and buttons are already starting to be shipped and come in a variety of colors and styles. If you’re planning something but haven’t yet listed it on the wiki and contacted us, now is the time to do so.

We’re very excited to see 65 distinct events taking place, and we hope you’ll attend one near you. But Wikipedia has always been an online community before anything else. That’s why we’re providing an opportunity for you to share your stories from Wikipedia’s first 10 years in many different forms. Please be bold, because we definitely want to hear your ideas for making the 10th anniversary one to remember.

The first event to kick off the celebrations will actually be on December 19th, at a Wikipedia party and fundraiser in London. We’ll be keeping you updated here on the events as we get closer to the anniversary, so keep an eye out for more news soon.

Steven Walling
Community Dept. fellow