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Here are results from Hack-A-Ton DC:

-Number of WMF Staff attending: 16

-Number of non-staff attending: 11

-Last-minute cancellations: 2

-Number of local developers attending: 8

-Number of “Fix-me’s” that were closed as resolved: 44 (roughly 30% of the queue)

-Number of Ops RT issues that were closed as resolved: 5

-Most Fixes (prize winners): 1st: Roan Kattouw, 2nd: Siebrand Mazeland, 3rd: Chad Horohoe. Honorable mention to Bryan Tong Minh who came in 4th.

-Furthest Traveled: 1st: Naren Datha, 2nd Tim Starling, 3rd Niklas Laxström

-Special Thank You (for setting up the MeetUp): Katie Filbert:aude

-Community and Engineering Discussions included:
a) Demo of WikiBhasha by Naren Datha of Microsoft,
b) Presentation of Test Suite methods by Rob Lanphier and Trevor Parscal, Priyanka Dhanda and Markus Glaser
c) Discussion of how to resolve Code Review / Deployment backlog by pretty much everybody
d) Demo and discussion of Sentence Level Editing by Jan Pavle Posma
e) Discussion of Pending Changes roadmap by Rob Lanphier, Alolita Sharma and team
f) Discussion of Resource Loader by Trevor Parscal and Roan Kattouw
g) Discussion of the future of WMF Release Engineering by Tim Starling, Rob Lanphier and team
All discussions were followed by prototyping or sprints on that topic

-Number of people attending the WikiMeetUp Saturday night: 52

Danese Cooper, Chief Technology Officer

Picture of most of the hackers sporting their new tee-shirts:

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Nearly everybody...outside for a change.