The usability initiative recently deployed some changes to the beta features, most notably the replacement of the textarea on the edit page with a content-editable iframe (mistakenly referred to as a “rich text editor” by some users). Users at various wikis have reported some issues resulting from this change. We’re fixing these bugs as fast as we can and deploying fixes as soon as possible (once properly tested of course). Below is a list of bugs associated with the rich text editor and their status; we’ll keep this page up to date as we push out fixes. If you’re bothered by these bugs and don’t want to wait for fixes, you can turn off the content-editable iframe by leaving beta (click the “Leave Beta” link at the top of any wiki page).

UPDATE Feb 12 21:01 UTC: It’s been reported that the loading cover doesn’t go away in Firefox when certain gadgets are enabled. For this reason we’ve removed the loading cover for now.

UPDATE Feb 12 22:31 UTC: Because there’s still some issues with the iframe and most users are just using the toolbar, we’ve disabled the iframe for users that only use the toolbar. This means that if you disable the navigable table of contents in your preferences, you shouldn’t experience any of the iframe-related issues (such as those with pasting text).

UPDATE: Around midnight UTC in the night between Feb 12 and Feb 13, we’ve disabled the navigable table of contents and the enhanced dialogs until we work out the remaining bugs.

Roan Kattouw (Catrope)

  • bug 22311 (Pressing tab in edit box should go to summary box): fix deployed
  • bug 22393 (Charinsert tools at the bottom of the edit page and old toolbar don’t work): fix deployed. Charinsert may have to be fixed in site JS on some wikis, depending on the local Charinsert implementation; this has been done on the English and Portuguese Wikipedias as well as Commons; I checked the other top 10 Wikipedias but they didn’t need a local fix. You may heve to Shift-Refresh for this to work on Commons.
  • bug 22394 (Pasting formatted text preserves formatting): fix deployed.
  • bug 22398 (Extra line breaks inserted when pasting text): fix ready, will be deployed soon
  • bug 22402 (Leaving beta doesn’t turn off experimental features like TOC and dialogs): fix deployed.
  • bug 22413 (Old toolbar disappears when TOC enabled): inadvertently fixed when bug 22393 was fixed (love it when that happens)
  • bug 22428 (Line breaks in pasted text not saved in Safari, Chrome): fix ready, will be deployed soon
  • bug 22435 (Literal &nbsp; and <p> in article text gets removed on save): fix deployed.
  • bug 22440 (Random cursor jumps in Firefox 3.5 and above): fix ready, will be deployed soon