Developer Meet-Up

Developer Meet-Up (by Raymond, CC-BY-SA)

Wikimedia Germany invites all MediaWiki developers, Toolserver users, Gadget hackers, and other people interested in the technical side of Wikimedia projects to come to Berlin for a Developer Meet-Up on April 14.-16. Last year’s meet-up in Berlin was a great success, and we hope to make it even better this time! This year we want to focus on structured (meta) data, search, and community building. The future of the Toolserver will also be a subject.

The dates are set, but it’s not clear yet if we start full throttle on Wednesday the 14th or if we have just an arrival event on that date and a full day on Friday the 16th instead – this depends on venue arrangements that are not sorted out yet. Note that registration in advance will be required – a website will be set up for this soon, we will announce it on blogs and mailing lists.

On that Friday, April 16., the Wikimedia Chapters and Board start their convention in Berlin. This will be a great opportunity to meet, to discuss interesting topics, to network and to exchange ideas and thoughts! Wikimedia Germany will host the event, so we will organize the venue, the hotel(s), some fun things to do in Berlin, food & drinks and lots of other things – and there might even be a party at the c-base again…

See you in Berlin!

Daniel Kinzler, Wikidata Software Achitect

Update: Registration is now open!