1. Open Web Analytics 1.4

  2. Ukrainian Wikipedia Reaches 250,000 Article Milestone

  3. Celebrating Wikipedia’s 10th anniversary on six continents

  4. What’s in a name? In the case of ‘wiki’, lots of things.

    Anyone who’s been watching the news will have heard about Wikileaks by now. Wikipedia shares the generic “wiki-” prefix in its name, but there’s no relation. Occasionally even major news sources like the BBC get this wrong, which can lead to serious confusion, even when it’s quickly fixed.... Read more

  5. Encyclopedia of Life curates Wikipedia’s species articles

  6. December 2010 WMF Engineering Update

  7. Indonesian volunteer Siska Doviana recounts her wiki beginnings

  8. New Upload Wizard launches in beta on Wikimedia Commons

    Today, we’re launching a new upload wizard in beta phase to make it easier to contribute multimedia works to Wikimedia Commons. “Commons” is the free, collaborative media repository associated with all Wikimedia projects, including Wikipedia. Although Commons contains over 7 million images, videos and sounds, uploading a file has long been an arduous path reserved to the most adv... Read more

  9. Pending Changes/Flagged Revisions update

  10. Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense