I would like to announce that some of the new media features are now available in gadget form on Wikimedia Commons and the English Wikipedia. These include a new ogg player, the add media wizard, and firefogg upload support. I hope having these components in gadget form will enable some more testing and feedback :)

Getting Started to enable these components you must turn on the mwEmbed gadget. You can turn it on by visiting your preferences page. Once you enable the gadget you should shift reload to ensure you have a fresh copy of the JavaScript. (note you will need to enable the gadget for each wiki you want to test (ie both for wikimedia commons and Wikipedia). Once enabled you can check out the following features:

Disclaimer You can always turn off the gadget the same way you turned it on. These components are still under development so your millage may vary.

New Video Player ( discuss / bug ) the new ogg video player provides a consistent interface for various player plugin types. Most of the player features are yet to be exposed, like timed text, and remote embedding. The new player is show anywhere an embed video appears.

Firefogg Uploading ( discuss / bug ) Firefogg has been previously discussed on this blog. Aside from general bug fixes new features with Firefogg include: real time preview and integration with the recently deployed upload-api. The upload api enables Firefogg to upload videos in 1 meg chunks which are more friendly to http POST requests. You can do test uploads on test.wikimedia.org

Add-Media-Wizard ( discuss / bug ) The add-media-wizard enables easy inclusion of media assets into pages without having to remember image insert syntax at the point of editing a page. More features like importing from remote repositories and inline uploading should be available soon once we enable uploading from remote urls on commons. You can get a sneak peek by checking it out on prototype sandbox.

Many media components are developed in an open source development partnership with Kaltura.com.