I’ve been spending much of the last few work days tidying up an update to our deployed codebase, which has been several weeks behind development for most components.

I’ll want to start deploying this in the morning (Pacific time), so we’ll have most of the day to poke around and fix up any problems on the sites… it’s gonna be fun!

This’ll primarily bring a lot of under-the-hood improvements, which’ll let us start rolling out other fun things over the coming days/weeks including:

For those of you poking at the code, I’ve got the pre-deployment code currently sitting in the wmf-deployment-work branch; this’ll get folded back over wmf-deployment when we’re ready to go.

I believe all custom hacks from the current wmf-deployment branch have been either copied over or generalized and merged via trunk… Note I’ve held back updates on ProofreadPage and OggHandler for the moment, and we won’t deploy the new JS2 code yet until we’ve shaken things down some more.

If there are any *critical* trunk fixes from the last few days (since r55160 trunk branch point) that need to be forward-ported before we start, or any other surprises, let’s make sure we know about it soon. :)

— brion

Update 1:30 UTC Sep 17: Most problems have now been shaken out. Probably a few more minor glitches to go, then we can worry about prepping the fun stuff! :)

Brion Vibber, Lead Software Architect