It is that time again.  We have approx 35 servers to donate to a good home.  These are servers that Wikimedia has used on the projects for 3+ years, so they are out of warranty and just not fast enough for us to keep using on the cluster.

The servers will go out to homes for folks who are willing to pay for the freight.  They are as follows:

  • Dual CPU 2.5 GHz AMD
  • 3-4GB RAM Each
  • Most have 80 GB or larger HDD

Disclaimers: The Wikimedia Foundation does not guarantee the operation or use of these servers in any shape or form.  They are old, some may have dying fans, bad hdd sectors, and the like.  Servers have been wiped of information, and they ran through that, but no promises on function!

If you would like to receive some of these servers for your NONPROFIT use, please email  Please include in your email how you will be using the servers, and the address they would be shipped to.  We will review all requests and try to fairly pick out where they go.  (Selection process may be refined, but it also may just include throwing darts at a board to break up ties.)

Additions: Due to request, the servers are indeed located in Tampa, FL USA.  Zip code 33602 for shipping purposes.

Rob Halsell, Operations Engineer