Thanks are due to eBart consulting and User:Milosh for proving a backup server and storage array at their colocation facility in Europe. This server will store archives of our publicly available data of Wikimedia Commons and the XML snapshots.

Everyone knows that this has been long and coming as having an off site location for our data is extremely important for disaster recovery. With this archive in place we’ll have another external archive space for Commons image data to complement the one living at MIT.

Given the 10T’s donated were likely to also store yearly archives of the XML snapshots.

This won’t stop us from continuing to be rigorous about our internal backups for the same data along with keeping all of our users private data within our own data centers. It will simply be another physical space for us to archive our publicly available content.

While this off line mirror will only be used internally we have some other leads about other sponsors who might be able to offer a publicly available mirror. Over the next weeks we’ll be streamlining the off line archiving process and seeding the initial commons upload which currently comes in at just under 4T’s ! Once we make some sense of how best to manage the archiving process we’ll see who else is able to host our data.