Congralutations are in order for our friends and comrades-in-arms at Mozilla: they’ve released version 3.5 of their open-source Firefox browser today.

Aside from major improvements to speed and memory usage, one of the updates that has got us most excited at Wikimedia is the support for HTML 5’s native <video> and <audio> elements.

What does this mean? Well in short, it means that Firefox 3.5 is the best browser to run video and audio clips from Wikimedia Commons on!

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A few months more down the line, we’ll start being able to integrate support for our inline video sequencer, which’ll make it easy to extract snippets of a longer video and combine them — entirely using open-source, non-patent-encumbered web standards. This makes heavy use of the new HTML 5 multimedia support; while at first editing will be limited to Firefox 3.5 users, other browsers are continuing to improve and adopt the same support.