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I am inviting people to check out the add media wizard and Firefogg on help test go to you user preferences on that server and enable the add media wizard gadget. You can add general feedback here.

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Basic Feature Overview:

add media wizard

The Add Media Wizard adds a little “add media” button to every edit page letting you open up media search system to inject images and movie clips into your page. Presently the media search system searches commons, and (note inserts are not yet working because of a redirect bug we should have that fixed soon).

firefog logo

firefogg logo

Firefogg is the really cool extension that everyone using open video on the web should know about! It packages ffmpeg2theora transcoder letting web sites trigger clients uploads of videos from whatever local format they have. Once you have enabled the add media wizard the site upload form gets a little use Firefogg button. Which you can use to enable the transcoder.

You may also want to see Brianna’s blog post made early this year about these media features. Stay tuned for wider gadget deployment ;) … if your can’t wait you can always add

update you can now use the add-media-wizard via the mwEmbed gadget.

to your User:UserName/monobook.js page. (note we have not yet enabled copy by url uploads on the other sites so you can’t import resources from archive sites yet)

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PacificBeachAdmin 7 years

Wow, what a great concept and I look forward
to utilizing this when FireFogg is ready.
Thank You,
Keep up the amazing work.

brion 7 years

The part that Firefogg does is to convert your existing video files to Ogg Theora format as you upload them, so you don’t need to find separate software to do the conversion yourself. It’s pretty handy! :)

Firefogg is currently only available for Firefox 3.1/3.5 betas; for other browsers or if you can’t install the extension you’ll still need to convert your videos before uploading.

(In-browser playback is still handled the same way we’ve been doing it — selecting the browser’s native video support (for Firefox 3.1/3.5 betas), existing plugins, or a Java player applet as a fallback.)

We don’t yet have a firm timeline for integrating all these things to Wikipedia by default, but you can test out some of it by loading up the custom JavaScript that Michael mentions in the post — the cool thing is that the Firefogg uploads can be used without any changes to the core MediaWiki.

(The add media wizard is dependent on some new stuff for copying files from offsite sources like Metavid and, so right now those only work on

Diaa 7 years

This tool is great by the way. It would have many, many uses and would be a move towards a better Usage initiative. Is Firefogg enabled in Test Wikipedia? Would it convert uploaded files to ogg or just play it? Any way I’m very happy that Wikipedia is improving and hope this comes out soon. Is there some time frame for applying this functionality to Wikipedia? Many questions I know. :)

Diaa 7 years

There are multiple layout things to do, which I listed on the extension page.

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