SF from above

Public domain, from the USGS and NASA en:Landsat 7 program. Image shows San Francisco, California. Original found here courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The Wikimedia Foundation has a blog! This is the first of many posts and many years, so there’s no better time to talk about what this initiative is all about.

The staff of the Foundation have a lot to say to a lot of people. So who are you? We expect you are: active users and editors of the Wikimedia projects, including Wikipedia, curious members of the media, other bloggers, our moms (hey Mom!), our neighbors, and our friends. In short, a lot of people who understand and support our mission: free knowledge!

The blog is a chance for us to engage in a less formal discussion, and to bring up the sorts of topics that may not fit in a press release, or are too interesting or timely to wait to tell you in person. We get lots of great news from other friends in the free knowledge world, and we want to share their good news as well as ours.

We also want to use this as a space to ask questions of the Wikimedia community, that includes those of you who may just be readers of the projects and those who contribute or edit actively. Comments are enabled (we’re still working out the kinks) so expect your voice to be heard. We know you’ll be nice and treat others well :)

We will also bring in guest contributors, and share news and views from our board members and prominent members of the community. Hopefully you will get a chance to understand how things work inside our offices in San Francisco and among our little staff family planted on both sides of the planet

So sign up, leave a comment, subscribe to our feeds and keep checking in.


Jay Walsh, Head of Communications