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  1. It’s all due to hockey: Kunal Mehta’s journey from casual editor to programming mentor

    Picture by Eliot a.k.a. pointnshoot, freely licensed under CC-BY 2.0.

    Wikimedia Foundation software engineer Kunal Mehta started editing Wikipedia due to his passion for hockey and statistics. Having learned programming from Wikibooks, he now actively contributes to the software that also powers Wikipedia, and gives back to the community by mentoring new software developers.... Read more

  2. WikiProject Report: Bats, gloves and baseballs

    "Maury Wills Milton Berle Jimmy Piersall Willie Mays Hollywood Palace 1967" by We hope, under PD US no notice

    Last month, the Wikipedia Signpost, the English Wikipedia’s community-written newsletter, talked with three members of WikiProject Baseball: users Go Phightins!, Wizardman and isaacl. A WikiProject is a team of contributors who aim to improve Wikipedia articles on a specific topic. […]... Read more

  3. WikiProject Report: Indigenous Peoples of North America

    "Inuit man 1906" by Martin H., under PD US

    Wikipedia’s community-written newsletter, The Signpost, recently talked to a number of participants in WikiProject Indigenous Peoples of North America. Encompassing more than 7,000 articles, the project currently boasts sixteen featured articles—articles that have gone through a thorough vetting process and are considered some of the best on the encyclopedia—as well as 63 WikiProject goo... Read more

  4. Wikipedia Signpost report: WikiProject Cities

    "HerdenkingVuurgrensRotterdam1940 2007 edit1" by Arad, under CC-BY-2.5

    Last week, the English Wikipedia community-written newsletter, Wikipedia Signpost, interviewed two members of WikiProject Cities, users Student7 and JonRidinger. A WikiProject is a team of contributors who wish to improve Wikipedia.... Read more

  5. Wikipedia Signpost report: WikiProject Neuroscience

    Fast fission brain Last month, the English Wikipedia community-written newsletter Wikipedia Signpost ran a feature on WikiProject Neuroscience, a project which began in September of 2005. It currently boasts fourteen Featured Articles (FAs) among the 1,700 total articles under its umbrella, including topics like areas of the brain, stimulants and the central nervous system. It counts some highly-q... Read more

  6. Wikipedia Signpost report: WikiProject Chess

    The other day, the Wikipedia Signpost – the English Wikipedia’s community-written newsletter – provided an update on Wikiproject Chess, which was founded in 2003 and counts over 100 Wikipedians as members. WikiProject Chess editors have written extensively on a cornucopia of chess topics like strategies, endgames and notable players, including four Featured Articles (FAs) and 15 Good... Read more