Wikipedia Education Program Sweden

  1. What’s going on in Sweden?

    So, what has the Swedish education programme been up to since its founding in October last year? What’s been going on past these around 180 days? Well, let us look at some of the things that has been going on! But hey, perhaps we should initially look at the overarching aim of an education programme in Sweden. The overall goal is to have Wikipedia (and other Wikimedia projects) accepted as l... Read more

  2. Learning from our mistakes

    I thought about writing this piece about how great the current education program is here in Sweden, how our path so far has been sprinkled by happy faces, enthusiastic teachers, students and pupils, and most importantly perhaps, how this work so amazingly wonderful has contributed to the Wikimedia projects in such a superqualitative manner. But then I realised two things. Firstly, that it would be... Read more

  3. Wikipedia Education Program Sweden kicks off

    Herein will follow an update from the Swedish education program. Perhaps to call it an update would be to overestimate its size and current importance. A first glimpse of what is to hopefully become something rather exciting is perhaps a more appropriate label. To actually have as a part of the Swedish Wikimedia organisation an education program is a rather new and thrilling idea. The year of 2012... Read more