Wikimedia Foundation profile

  1. Luis Villa: “I wanted to be an Internet lawyer”

    Around legal circles, the Wikimedia Foundation is often seen as a curiosity. With a fraction of the staff of other top ten websites, the Foundation arguably does more with less. The core of this complex apparatus consists of two indispensable parts − a strong volunteer community and an equally dedicated legal staff. Luis Villa As deputy general counsel, Luis Villa is at the forefront of this ecl... Read more

  2. Gayle Karen Young: Supporting Wikimedia’s dynamic culture

    Before Gayle Karen Young joined the Wikimedia Foundation as the Chief Culture and Talent Officer she thought of Wikipedia as simply an online encyclopedia. “I considered Wikipedia a website and I was only familiar with English Wikipedia, so I thought it was an online reference source and didn’t realize at the time it was a movement,” Gayle said. Now, she understands the way people access and... Read more