Wikimedia Czech Republic

  1. Senior citizens learn to edit Wikipedia in the Czech Republic

    "Senior citizens learn to edit Wikipedia in special classes held in Prague's Municipal Library" photo by Pavla Pelikánová, under licensed under CC-BY-SA-4.0.

    A new training program in the Czech Republic shows senior citizens how to edit Wikipedia. Here are some of the lessons learned from three separate weekly classes held in Prague last year. ... Read more

  2. Tracker software: Efficiently track grant expenses and support volunteer activity

    To ease the administrative burden of tracking grant expenses and to support a higher volume of volunteer activity, the Czech Wikimedia chapter (WM Czech Republic) created their own “tracker” – a lightweight expense tracking system that can be adopted by any organization. WM Czech Republic has been utilizing this software since 2011 to implement our Mediagrant and Presentation&Out... Read more

  3. Wikiexpedition takes Poland for the fifth time

    This post is available in 2 languages: Français  • English English Wikimedia Polska, the official Wikimedia Chapter in Poland, recently organized the fifth annual Wikiexpedition. The goal of the Wikiexpedition was to take as many photos of cities, villages, monuments as is possible, and this year it took place in Dolnośląskie Province. There were 14 members of the Wikiexpedition (two of the... Read more

  4. Starting an education program for small chapters 1.0

    Hundreds of Czech university students have had a “different” homework during the past two years. Instead of writing essays that end up in the teacher’s drawer (or worse, garbage bin), they took part in the Czech program “Students Write Wikipedia” and made a Wikipedia entry which will last and serve as a source for thousands of Internet users. Similar university progra... Read more

  5. Photographing Czech Jewish monuments for Wikimedia projects

    Jewish cemetery at Rabí Castle The Jewish Monuments grant project aims to gather freely licensed photos of all existing Czech Jewish monuments, with particular focus on synagogues and cemeteries, whether those are still in religious use or are used for different purposes. The grant is part of Wikimedia Czech Republic’s Mediagrant project (see earlier blog post). It was launched in August 20... Read more

  6. Evaluating the success of Wikimedia Czech Republic’s Mediagrant

    Not only do we have to locate a protected area. The detective work begins when we try hard to find a specific plant species that is supposed to be at full bloom… In mid-2011, members of Czech WikiProject Protected Areas (a group of Wikipedians interested in environmentalism) were thinking: there are a lot of protected areas scattered all around the Czech Republic, and yet, few of them had been p... Read more

  7. Can beginners write high-quality articles? Czech students prove yes again!

    Another winter term is coming to an end at Czech universities and we can again evaluate how students of Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague, succeeded in improving Wikipedia articles about Czech protected areas this year. A total of 36 enrolled students of “Nature and Landscape Protection” (6 more students than last year) took part in the cooperation between the faculty an... Read more

  8. Wikipedia Czech Republic organizes photography workshop at Fata Morgana

    Wikimedia Czech Republic organized another workshop focused on nature photography, in cooperation with WikiProject Protected Areas and Portal:Photography on Czech Wikipedia. Compared to the previous meet-up, during which Wikipedians (and other interested people from outside the community) learned to recognize different plant species and take pictures of them, we now deciced to explain the theo... Read more

  9. Wikimedia Chapter convinces Czech Parliament to release photos to Wikimedia Commons

    The Czech senate election in October 2012 has yielded 27 new members of the upper chamber of Parliament of the Czech Republic, who now represent a third of the 81 total seats. Their role is to carry out their voters’ wishes during the next six years, as well as pass, reject or amend the legislature approved by the Chamber of Deputies. The senators thus become an important part of Czech publi... Read more

  10. Czech Mediagrant: go take pictures, upload them and we cover your costs

    Mediagrant, conceived in 2010, is an all-embracing program of the Czech Wikimedia chapter (WM Czech Republic), which aims to support photographing or acquisition of other freely usable multimedia content. Basically, it provides Czech volunteers with technical equipment, organizes photographic workshops and reimburses the volunteers‘ travelling expenses. The project’s second anniversary is clo... Read more