1. Scientific multimedia files get a second life on Wikipedia

    On Wikimedia projects, audio and video content has traditionally taken a backseat relative to text and static images (however, changes are underway). Conversely, more and more scholarly publications come with audio and video files, though these are — a legacy from the print era — typically relegated to the “supplementary material” rather than embedded next to the relevant text pass... Read more

  2. The humming teachers

    At the annual meeting of Wikimedia Sweden, we decided that a video should be created about education and Wikipedia. The task of creating this video was assigned the Education Manager as a high priority. As the Education Manager then, I thought what a bliss to have such a creative task where possibilities are endless as a priority! I called up my previous drama teacher who quite recently had starte... Read more

  3. Contributing to Wikipedia as homework: The Wikipedia Education Program

    The Wikipedia Education Program has a simple premise: Professors assign their students to contribute to Wikipedia as part of their coursework. These contributions can take many forms: writing articles, translating articles from one language Wikipedia to another, and adding photos, videos, or illustrations to articles, among others. These programs, which are run by Wikimedia chapters, volunteers, a... Read more

  4. Introducing Wikipedia’s new HTML5 video player

    A new video player has been enabled on Wikipedia and its sister sites, and it comes with the promise of bringing free educational videos to more people, on more devices, in more languages.... Read more

  5. New Wikimedia Argentina outreach video answers question, “What is Wikipedia?”

    Wikimedia Chapters conduct outreach activities across the world to attract readers, photographers, free knowledge advocates and many others to participate on Wikipedia and its sister projects. Sometimes they find that simply explaining how Wikipedia works is an important first step to recruiting new collaborators. In 2011, several members of the Wikimedia Argentina board were discussing new strate... Read more

  6. ABC joins Wikimedia in sharing historic footage

    The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), the national public broadcaster, turns 80 this year. To celebrate it has launched a new website called “80 Days That Changed Our Lives“, giving 80 pieces of audio visual content from the ABC archives a new lease on life. Today, the ABC has also announced that it has gone a step further by releasing some of these historical news reports to ... Read more

  7. A gift of visualization on Wikipedia’s birthday

    Earlier today the Washington D.C. based creative agency JESS3 posted the video above, and an informative web case study, – a follow-up to another recent case study they did on another big idea, the Internet. JESS3 (also donors to the Wikimedia Foundation) folks Leslie Bradshaw and Becca Colbaugh on the inspiration for the work: In a collaborative effort to capture... Read more

  8. A Decade of Thanks!

    People throughout the world are gathering at more than 450 events in 120 countries to celebrate Wikipedia’s 10th birthday.  I’m amazed and thrilled and humbled by the significant support Wikipedia has in every corner of the world.  When I started Wikipedia a decade ago, I  never imagined that everyday people in places like Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Bolivia, Ethiopia and Al... Read more

  9. Video Labs: Universal Subtitles on Commons

    For the past 6 months the Participatory Culture Foundation has been hard at work on their latest open web video mission to make captioning, subtitling, and translating video publicly accessible in a way that’s free and open. Part of the Mozilla Drum Beat campaign for a better web, Universal Subtitles is a tool and platform to help bring an open solution to subtitling web video. Commons has s... Read more

  10. Video Labs: P2P Next Community CDN for Video Distribution

    As Wikimedia and the community embark on campaigns and programs to increase video contribution and usage on the site, we are starting to see video usage on Wikimedia sites grow and we hope for it to grow a great deal more. One potential problem with increased video usage on the Wikimedia sites is that video is many times more costly to distribute than text and images that make up Wikipedia article... Read more