United States Education Program

  1. Frank Schulenburg named executive director of Wiki Education Foundation

    The Wikimedia Foundation and the Wiki Education Foundation released a joint announcement today with the news that Frank Schulenburg was named the first executive director of the Wiki Education Foundation. Frank, formerly the senior director of programs at the Wikimedia Foundation, will begin this role next week. More information about the announcement of Frank’s move can be found in this Q&... Read more

  2. Louisiana State University faculty member supports student Wikipedia editing

    If you teach in the science department at Louisiana State University and want to incorporate a Wikipedia assignment into your classroom, Becky Carmichael is the person to meet. She began volunteering as a Wikipedia Ambassador in the Wikipedia Education Program in the United States in 2011, during her graduate studies and work as a teaching assistant for a Conservation Biology course. Since she had... Read more

  3. Student editors in the US and Canada add more content than ever in fall 2013

    In the seven terms of the Wikipedia Education Program in the United States and Canada, students have added 55 million bytes of content to the English Wikipedia, much of it high quality. The Wikipedia Education Program in the United States and Canada recently wrapped up its seventh term. The program, where students edit Wikipedia as a part of their coursework, began in the fall 2010 term in the U.S... Read more

  4. Why the student learning aspect matters in the Wikipedia Education Program

    Editor’s note: The following is an op-ed, meaning the views expressed herein are the personal views of the author. Jami Mathewson I’ve been working with the Wikipedia Education Program in the United States and Canada for almost two years. In the program, university professors assign their students to edit Wikipedia as a part of the coursework. Typically, professors do away with a tradi... Read more

  5. US, Canada students contribute massive amount of quality content to Wikipedia

    43.4 million bytes. That’s how much content students from the Wikipedia Education Program in the United States and Canada have contributed to the English Wikipedia in the three years of the program’s existence. What does 43.4 million bytes look like? It’s approximately 29,000 printed pages, 58 reams of paper, 9.6 million words — or the equivalent of 17 full copies of War and Pe... Read more

  6. Students learn about history as a living, changing thing

    One of my favorite responsibilities at Brooklyn College is teaching a two-term course surveying Western theater history (ancient Greece to the present) for aspiring artists and arts administrators. In many ways, this course is a hard sell. Inevitably, a few students believe that this course will not be “useful” to them as actors, directors, designers, dramaturgs, or managers. So, I constantly ... Read more

  7. Communications students at Schreiner University reflect on their Wikipedia assignment

    Professor Mary Grace Antony Students at Schreiner University enrolled in their Spring 2013 New Media Technology and Communication course to find that Professor Mary Grace Antony wanted them to expand Wikipedia articles. Antony found out about the Wikipedia Education Program through the National Communication Association Wikipedia Initiative. “It seemed like the perfect fit for a course that ... Read more

  8. Rice University students take multiple classes with a Wikipedia-editing assignment

    Nadhika Ramachandran At Rice University, students pursuing a minor in Poverty, Justice, and Human Capabilities (PJHC) must complete two core courses addressing poverty, justice, and human development. Since Spring 2010, Professor Diana Strassmann has given students in her courses the same final assignment: to create or expand Wikipedia articles about poverty and about the links between gender equa... Read more

  9. Online training for newcomers

    In-person trainings are effective — but they do not scale. Getting newcomers started effectively on Wikipedia is one of Wikimedia Foundation’s biggest challenges, and has been — in one way or another — the central focus of the Wikipedia Education Program. When we launched the Wikipedia Ambassador Program in 2010, it was all about in-person training: bringing together experienced Wikipe... Read more

  10. Student assigned to read a Wikipedia article that she wrote

    Every graduate student gets assigned a lot of reading, but not every graduate student gets assigned to read something they’ve written. That happened to Jacqueline McCrory in fall 2012, thanks to the Wikipedia Education Program. As a master’s student in Environmental Management at the University of San Francisco and an employee at environmental consulting firm Analytical Environmental ... Read more