1. Webfonts: Making Wikimedia projects readable for everyone

    Wikimedia wikis are available in nearly 300 languages, with some of them having pages with mixed-script content. An example is the page on the writing systems of India on the English Wikipedia. We expect users to be able to view this page in full and not see meaningless squares also known as tofu. These tofu squares represent letters written in the language, but cannot be rendered by the web brows... Read more

  2. The Autonym Font for Language Names

    When an article on Wikipedia is available in multiple languages, we see the list of those languages in a column on the side of the page. The language names in the list are written in the script that the language uses (also known as language autonym). This also means that all the appropriate fonts are needed for the autonyms to be correctly displayed. For instance, an article like the one about the... Read more

  3. Universal Language Selector (ULS) deployed on more than 150 wikis

    The Universal Language Selector (ULS), a MediaWiki extension to configure language settings, has now been deployed on more than 150 Wikimedia wikis. Deployment started with the first phase on June 11, and over 5 phases it will be made available on all Wikimedia wikis. ULS replaces the extensions Narayam and WebFonts which were used to configure input and font settings respectively. During the last... Read more

  4. Universal Language Selector coming to all wikis

    The Universal Language Selector (ULS) provides a flexible way to configure and deliver language settings like interface language, fonts, and input methods (keyboard mappings). It combines the features of two earlier Mediawiki extensions Narayam and WebFonts. From June 11, 2013 on, ULS will be made available to all Wikimedia wikis in 5 phases. In the first phase, ULS will replace the Narayam and We... Read more

  5. Language Engineering Development Updates and Events

    In the recently concluded development sprint, the Wikimedia Language Engineering team fixed critical bugs for the Universal Language Selector, participated in several events around the world and also announced the release of the latest version of the MediaWiki Language Extension Bundle. MediaWiki Language Extension Bundle and Updates to ULS As the date for the first phase of deployment of Universa... Read more

  6. Getting ready for ULS everywhere

    The Wikimedia Language Engineering team recently completed their latest development sprint, with a special focus on preparing for the upcoming deployment of the Universal Language Selector (ULS) extension on multiple wikis. The team also hosted a ULS-specific office hour on May 8, 2013 (logs). ULS deployment prep The Language Engineering team is working on refining several important features of th... Read more

  7. Updates from Language engineering: changes to the Language Selector, new Extension Bundle release

    In the recently concluded development sprint, the Wikimedia Language Engineering team made a new release of the Mediawiki Language Extension Bundle (MLEB), fixed bugs related to the Page Translation feature in Translate UX (TUX) and began work on design changes for the Universal Language Selector (ULS). The team also hosted a bug triage session that was well attended. Universal Language Selector D... Read more

  8. Universal Language Selector now has Input Methods

    The Language Engineering team at the Wikimedia Foundation works on a set of tasks every two weeks. This post is about the team’s accomplishment over the past two weeks.  Have you ever sat at a computer in a foreign country, and wondered how you were going to enter text in your language using a keyboard with a different alphabet? “Input methods” are interfaces that allow users to ent... Read more

  9. Designing for the multilingual web

    User testing is essential for designing multilingual interfaces, even though it can be a time-consuming process: it ensures that the community of users are part of the design process. In this article, we share lessons learned by the Language Engineering team while designing features and interfaces that empower users to read and edit Wikipedia and its sister sites in many languages.... Read more

  10. Language Engineering: Input methods and Visual Editor

    The Language Engineering team at the Wikimedia Foundation works on a set of tasks every two weeks. This post is about the team’s accomplishment over the past two weeks. You can also check the slides of our demonstration. jQuery.ime: Wikimedia wikis use Extension:Narayam to support input of non-Latin text. As part of Project Milkshake, jQuery.ime is a generic input method tool ported from ... Read more