Translate extension

  1. Updates from the Language Engineering Google Summer of Code projects

    Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2013 is well underway on the coding phase. Four projects this year are related to various aspects of MediaWiki and Wikimedia internationalization initiatives. On completion of these 4 projects, we expect to present: an Android app for MediaWiki translation, browser extensions for the input methods in jQuery.ime (Project Milkshake), Right-to-Left language support in the... Read more

  2. A new translation home page, the Maven Program and other updates from Language Engineering

    The Wikimedia Language Engineering team continued to develop additional features for Translate UX (TUX) and to fix bugs, including a number of critical bugs that affected Microsoft Internet Explorer. TUX has now been deployed on Wikimedia sites and on The team also launched the new outreach program, called Language Mavens, and conducted an office hour. Redesigning the main page ... Read more

  3. Language Engineering Sprint Update: Translation User Experience improvements, testing and coverage

    The Wikimedia Language Engineering team completed its recent development sprints with a focus on feature completeness of ‘Translate User eXperience’ or ‘TUX’ for deployment and also made preparations for its new community outreach project. Below are some of the highlights from the sprint.   Translate Editor – TUX, has been deployed: The Language Engineering team has been bloggin... Read more

  4. Redesigning the Translation experience: An overview

    The Wikimedia Language Engineering team has been regularly reporting updates about improvements to the Translate editor, as part of the “Translate User eXperience” project, or “TUX”. Pau Giner, the team’s UX expert, has also conducted online sessions to talk about these features. If you have missed these updates, here is a summary of what we are changing about the way the... Read more

  5. New release of the MediaWiki Language Extension Bundle, and other updates

    Highlights from the latest development sprint of the Language Engineering team include the release of a new version of the MediaWiki Language Extension Bundle, and continued progress on Translation User Experience (UX) and the Language Coverage Matrix. Design and development improvements continued for Translate UX, also known as TUX. A preliminary implementation of the Proofreading feature (per th... Read more

  6. Language engineers improve translation tool and meet with their peers

    Quem não arrisca não petisca — a Portuguese proverb During their latest development sprint, the Wikimedia Language Engineering team conducted extensive review and testing of the Translate extension, and participated and contributed to two major open source events in India: a core developers Language Summit and GNUnify. Translate Editor Updates Progress continued on enhancements to the MediaWi... Read more

  7. Inching towards enabling our improvements to the Translation user experience

    Lel the tacho pirrow, an’ it’s pars kaired — A Romani proverb The Wikimedia Language Engineering team just completed its most recent development sprint, to introduce a new iteration of  the Translation Editor within the Translate Extension, and include features to make it more satisfactory as a translation workspace. The primary focus during this sprint has been to make the editor ... Read more

  8. Universal Language Selector now has Input Methods

    The Language Engineering team at the Wikimedia Foundation works on a set of tasks every two weeks. This post is about the team’s accomplishment over the past two weeks.  Have you ever sat at a computer in a foreign country, and wondered how you were going to enter text in your language using a keyboard with a different alphabet? “Input methods” are interfaces that allow users to ent... Read more

  9. Designing for the multilingual web

    User testing is essential for designing multilingual interfaces, even though it can be a time-consuming process: it ensures that the community of users are part of the design process. In this article, we share lessons learned by the Language Engineering team while designing features and interfaces that empower users to read and edit Wikipedia and its sister sites in many languages.... Read more

  10. Internationalisation team introduces translation memory and plan for language teams

    The Internationalisation/Localisation (i18n/l10n) team at the Wikimedia Foundation works on a set of tasks every two weeks. This post is about the team’s accomplishment over the past two weeks. You can also watch the 15 minute demonstration and check the slides. Language Teams Mediawiki supports over 350 languages. Supporting languages goes far beyond providing a localised interface. It includes... Read more