“The Impact of Wikipedia”

  1. The Impact of Wikipedia: Mike Cline

    Wikpedia contributor Mike Cline discusses Yellowstone, fly fishing and the value of volunteerism on Wikipedia. Vietnam vet, 28-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Counterintelligence Officer–it’s safe to say that Mike Cline is a not a slouch. The 65-year old resident of Bozeman, Montana retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1996, and although he is busy working in a strategy consulting busine... Read more

  2. The Impact of Wikipedia: Benoit Rochon

    Benoit Rochon wants more Quebecers to edit French Wikipedia When Benoit Rochon organized his first event for Wikipedia, he didn’t anticipate the arrival of one unwelcome guest. Rochon had organized a Wikimedia Commons photo event on August 28th of 2011 in order to illustrate Wikipedia articles about Montreal. However, it was on this same day that Hurricane Irene hit Montreal. “Irene,” Rochon... Read more

  3. The Impact of Wikipedia: Salah Almhamdi

    Salah Almhamdi found Wikipedia to be an important source of information during The Arab Spring. Throughout the Arab Spring in 2011, Wikipedia served as a reliable source of information for up to date information about the protests occurring in countries such as Tunisia and Egypt. Protesters uploaded pictures of the events onto Wikimedia Commons, while many users outside of the affected countries u... Read more

  4. The Impact of Wikipedia: Q Miceli

    Q Miceli contributes articles about baking to Wikipedia. “Volunteering has always been important to me,” said 22-year old Wikipedian Q Miceli. “I believe volunteering generates good karma because it benefits more than just myself.” Miceli, who hails from Byram, New Jersey, began her journey on Wikipedia when she researched a “tree of life” project for her 9th grade biology class. As ti... Read more

  5. The Impact of Wikipedia: David Shankbone

    David Shankbone’s photos are on more than 5,000 Wikipedia articles For Wikimedian David Shankbone, contributing to a Wikipedia article isn’t just about the words, it’s about the complete picture. Although he does edit text, his primary contribution is his photos, which illustrate over five thousand articles on Wikipedia. “People are supposed to be able to have access to knowledge and t... Read more

  6. The Impact of Wikipedia: Ganesh Paudel

    Ganesh Paudel discusses his contributions to Nepalese Wikipedia Ganesh Paudel, a journalist from Nepal, began contributing to English Wikipedia in 2004 as a way to disseminate accurate information about the politics in his country. After discovering that Wikipedia was available in his own language, he realized the immense potential that the online encyclopedia has for developing content for langua... Read more

  7. The Impact of Wikipedia: Srikeit Tadepalli and Noopur Raval

    Srikeit Tadepalli and Noopur Raval, friends and Wikimedians Contributing to Wikipedia is more than just editing for Srikeit Tadepalli and Noopur Raval, it’s about giving back by spreading the word about the movement. Although, Tadepalli and Raval are active editors, they primarily focus their efforts on community outreach within India. Tadepalli began editing Wikipedia in 2005 while still in ... Read more

  8. The Impact of Wikipedia: visual storytelling

    (This video is part of a series produced for this year’s Wikimedia Foundation fundraiser. You can also view this video on Youtube.) A montage video, Impact of Wikipedia, part of a series showcasing Wikimedians. Every year for a handful of weeks in November and December, the Wikimedia Foundation has traditionally asked Wikipedia users to support the 5th largest website in the world with whateve... Read more

  9. The Impact of Wikipedia: Andrea Zanni

    (This video is part of a series produced for this year’s Wikimedia Foundation fundraiser. You can also view this video on YouTube.) Andrea Zanni discusses the power of serendipity Andrea Zanni is a digital librarian at the University of Bologna, where he promotes and disseminates the institution’s 16 open-access journals, and provides access to digitized historic books by compiling metadata... Read more

  10. The Impact of Wikipedia: Ravan Jaafar Altaie

    (This video is part of a series for this year’s Wikimedia Foundation fundraiser. You can also view this video on YouTube.) Ravan Jaafar Altaie and the impact she has had on the world through editing Wikipedia. Like so many other Wikipedians, Ravan Jaafar Altaie was inspired to edit Wikipedia as a way to learn more about the world around her. As a native of Iraq, she also hoped to make a differ... Read more