Readers survey

  1. Survey: What do Pakistani readers think of Wikipedia?

    Some Wikipedia readers in Pakistan have become active contributors, as featured in this group portrait from the 2013 Karachi Photo Walk. Karachi Walkers by Azlan Khan, freely licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

    The first online survey of Pakistani readers was conducted to better understand their needs and relationship with Wikipedia. Here are the results. (…)... Read more

  2. “Thank you to all who have contributed in this great work”

    Wikimedia Foundation sites are the fifth most popular web property. So when we conducted our Readers Survey, we expected to hear from our readers that they valued Wikipedia as a reliable source of online information. But we were still pleasantly surprised to see the overwhelming positive feedback from readers mixed with a deep appreciation of Wikipedia and its community for the existence of the fr... Read more

  3. Who are Wikipedia’s donors? Answers from the readers study

    We recently concluded our annual fundraiser, and it was a great success. With over one million individuals pitching in from almost every country, our donors are a diverse and interesting group in themselves. While we don’t directly collect demographic or other information from our donors, we used our readers survey as a means of understanding who our donors are, and what motivates them to do... Read more

  4. Readers compare Wikipedia favorably with most major websites

    In a previous blog post, we discussed our readers’ perception of article quality. In addition, we asked our readers to compare Wikipedia as a whole to other prominent websites – Facebook, Twitter, New York Times, Google, YouTube, Yahoo and CNN. Of course, there are several key differences between them, but we wanted to understand how Wikipedia stacks up against other high-traffic webs... Read more

  5. From Readers to Contributors

    In our recently concluded Annual Plan, we identified increasing the number of active contributors as one of our strategic priorities. As of September 2011, there are 79,890 active Wikipedia contributors (active is defined as those making five or more edits in a month), while we want to increase active editors to approximately 95,000 on all Wikimedia projects in June 2012. a. Only 6% of our read... Read more

  6. Most people read Wikipedia on desktops, but mobile and tablets present huge potential

    When Wikipedia began in 2001, desktop PCs were the dominant device for web access. However, a lot has changed in the last 10 years with the growth of the mobile web and the introduction of a new class of devices like digital music players, smartphones and tablets. As we are ready to step into 2012, we find that readers are consuming Wikipedia across a gamut of devices – desktops, laptops, smartp... Read more

  7. Readers in US, Russia, Germany and India are the most pleased with Wikipedia Article Quality

    In the recently conducted Wikipedia readers study, we asked respondents to rate the quality of Wikipedia articles on several aspects: trustworthiness, comprehensiveness, neutrality, variety, and ease of understanding. Although we already employ the Article Feedback Toolto assess the quality at an article level, we wanted to understand readers’ perception of quality on Wikipedia as a whole. I... Read more

  8. Search, translation tools on top of agenda for readers

    Last week, our blog post about the readers study shared insights about how readers use search on Wikipedia, as well as new search functionalities that they are interested in. This week we share findings from our readers on more search improvements and other features that they would like to see on Wikipedia. a. Improvements to finding information b. Sharing, downloading and printing c. Integration ... Read more

  9. Google drives traffic to Wikipedia, but half of readers look for Wikipedia content

    Search and Wikipedia Search is central to the Wikipedia experience – both as a way of reaching the website as well as discovering content on Wikipedia.  Several questions on the Readers Survey 2011 were aimed at understanding the search experiences across nations, languages, and devices. Here are some of the key insights about search from the study: Contents a. About half of our readers specifi... Read more

  10. Average Wikipedia reader is 36 years old

    Every month approximately 400 million unique visitors across the globe read Wikipedia and its sister sites. But very little is known about them. In order to understand our readers and their relationship with Wikipedia, to bring their voice into our product strategy and to enhance their reading user experience, we conducted an online survey of Wikipedia readers across 16 countries (you can find out... Read more