Photographer profile

  1. There are no barriers to free knowledge

    "2014 Kłodzko, most św. Jana" by Jacek Halicki, under CC-BY-SA-3.0-PL

    When Jacek Halicki first discovered the Wiki Loves Monuments photo contest through a banner located on top of the main page of the Polish Wikipedia, not only hadn’t he realized he could actually edit Wikipedia by himself; he could never have foreseen that contributing to Wikipedia would soon become a passion and a way to overcome the barriers in his life.... Read more

  2. Documenting the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 for Wikimedia

    I got an idea in May, 2012, as the Eurovision Song Contest was ending and Loreen had just been named the 2012 winner, with her song Euphoria. Because Loreen represented Sweden, the 2013 contest would be held in my country. This would create an exciting opportunity for me and Wikipedia, because my home is in Gothenburg, and I could take really good photos for the Wikimedia Commons database. Loreen ... Read more

  3. Wikimedia Commons Profile: Muhammad Mahdi Karim

    Muhammad Mahdi Karim is an avid contributor to Wikimedia Commons and his beautiful photographs have been Featured Pictures and Pictures of the Day, regarded as some of the finest images on the database. Karim describes his motivation for contributing to Wikipedia as the opportunity to share a memory with others. “If I see something that others may never get to see or be in a place that some may ... Read more