Firefox 3.5 brings native open video support

Congralutations are in order for our friends and comrades-in-arms at Mozilla: they’ve released version 3.5 of their open-source Firefox browser today. Aside from major improvements to speed and memory usage, one of the updates that has got us most excited at Wikimedia is the support for HTML 5’s native <video>…


Mozilla and Wikimedia Join Forces to Support Open Video

Mozilla has awarded a grant of $100,000 to the Wikimedia Foundation to help coordinate improvements to the development of Ogg Theora and related open video technologies. Mozilla and Wikimedia share a strong commitment to open standards. Version 3.1 of the Mozilla Firefox web browser will include built-in support to play…


Firefox 3.1 to support open video and audio

Multimedia on the web is dominated by closed formats, encumbered by patents owned by large companies. This means that any advanced technology to create video and audio is subject to licensing fees, and innovators face threats of patent lawsuits. Even multi-billion dollar companies are at risk: one court ruling, which…