1. Updated: the story of Wikipedia and libraries is being rewritten around the world this week with #1Lib1Ref

    Photo by Joi, freely licensed under CC BY 2.0.

    The libraries community has a huge number of opportunities to help solve gaps on Wikipedia.... Read more

  2. Modernizing MediaWiki with libraries

    Breaking up the MediaWiki codebase into separate PHP libraries can benefit many developers across the open software movement. 
Wikimedia Zürich 2014 Hackathon photo by Christian Meixner, freely licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0.

    The Wikimedia Foundation is breaking up the MediaWiki software into smaller, reusable libraries which can be developed more easily and integrated into any PHP application. (…)... Read more

  3. Why librarians should edit Wikipedia: A testimonial from Switzerland

    "WMCH Volunteers teaching wikipedia during a wikipermanence " by Chandres, under CC-BY-SA-3.0

    Since April, the Cantonal and University Library of Lausanne (BCUL) hosts, on a monthly basis, Wikipedian get-togethers in their Unitheque room, referred as the “Wikipermanences”. How do they proceed and what happens during those gatherings? […]... Read more

  4. WikiWomen Love Libraries: Italian edition

    What happens when a WikiWoman meets a WikiLibrarian? An editathon on women’s biographies, of course! Or at least this is what happened on May 4th at Biblioteca Salaborsa, one of the most well-known libraries in Bologna, Italy. Wikimedia Italia organized its first event at Biblioteca Salaborsa on April 20th, an introductory workshop led by wikipedian Piero Grandesso. Thanks to the work of the lib... Read more

  5. Why Wikipedians should love librarians

    Last year marked the start of Wikipedia Loves Libraries (WLL), and in 2012, WLL activities are in full swing, with many events planned in the coming month. WLL was originally conceived as a way of celebrating Open Access Week, but we now have WLL events throughout the year. As a librarian who is interested in seeing more coordination between libraries and other cultural heritage organizations (i.... Read more