1. Introducing Wikipedia’s new HTML5 video player

    A new video player has been enabled on Wikipedia and its sister sites, and it comes with the promise of bringing free educational videos to more people, on more devices, in more languages.... Read more

  2. Video Labs: Kaltura HTML5 Sequencer available on Wikimedia Commons

    I am happy to invite the Wikimedia community to try out the latest Kaltura HTML5 video sequencer as part of a Wikimedia/Kaltura Video Labs project that can now be used on Wikimedia Commons with resulting sequences visible on any Wikimedia project. For those that have been following the efforts, it has been a long road to  deliver this sequence editing experience within the open web platform and w... Read more

  3. Kaltura sponsors Michael Dale, open source video developer

    As many of you may know, Wikimedia is working with Kaltura, Inc. to explore collaborative video editing in the Wikimedia projects. I’m very happy to announce that Kaltura has decided to support the further development of a 100% open source video editing solution integrated into MediaWiki. To this end, Kaltura is sponsoring Michael Dale, lead developer of the MetaVid project, to work in the W... Read more

  4. Kaltura and Wikimania 08 collaborative video editing

    Kaltura, who Wikimedia has been working with over the last few months on the exploration of open-source, collaborative video editing on Wikimedia projects, have developed a Wikimania video wiki leading up to this year’s conference in Alexandria. Kaltura is also a generous benefactor of Wikimania this year, providing financial support to make the event possible. They’re inviting project... Read more