1. Why I write about battleships

    Photo from the German Federal Archives, CC BY-SA 3.0 DE.

    Nate Ott has written hundreds of Wikipedia articles about German warships, including every major ship from the 1860s to World War II. We asked why.... Read more

  2. It “revolutionized the way German-speaking people inform themselves about the world”: Fifteen years of the German Wikipedia

    Photo by Sven Teschke, CC BY-SA 3.0.

    It’s been so revolutionary that it has even become the de facto replacement for the Brockhaus—the German equivalent of the Encyclopædia Britannica.... Read more

  3. Collective Impact for the Wikimedia Movement

    Photo by Jason Krüger (WMDE), freely licensed under CC BY 4.0.

    At the recent Wikimedia Conference in Berlin, participants discussed the Collective Impact approach, and its applications for our movement. Nikki Zeuner, responsible for Development & Partnerships at Wikimedia Deutschland, introduces the approach and explains why it is relevant and useful to our movement, as we try to understand what makes collaboration work.... Read more

  4. Wikipedians celebrate Germany’s first Open-Source-Beer

    Wikipedian Nadine Stark and master brewer Bernd Kirsch tapping the keg. (Photo: Martina Nolte, CCBYSA from the Wikimedia Commons) Germany’s first Open-Source-Beer received its premiere last weekend in Hannover. During CeBIT, the world’s largest computer expo, around 30 Wikipedians from all parts of the country met at the “HBX” brewery and tasted the new composition, called ... Read more

  5. Road sign cites Wikipedia

    German Wikipedians discovered a road sign citing Wikipedia. The road sign is located at Hamburg, the second-largest city in Germany. It denotes the “Erika-Mann-Bogen”, a street named in 2006 after Erika Mann (1905–1969) (article in English), the eldest daughter of Nobel Prize laureate Thomas Mann. Members of the German Wikipedia community assume that the Hamburg municipality, by expl... Read more