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  1. Ram Prasad Joshi: Writing Wikipedia from the western hills of Nepal

    Ram Prasad Joshi Ram Prasad Joshi doesn’t have a computer. His village may be beautiful but there is no electricity. It’s a three-hour walk to the nearest road. In spite of all this, Joshi has accumulated more than 6,000 edits to the Nepali Wikipedia using nothing more than a feature phone. An image shot by Ram Prasad Joshi on his feature phone: Devotees paying homage to the Thama Mai ... Read more

  2. Firefox 3 and the ‘wiki edit button’

    It’s a great day to download Firefox 3 and edit your favorite wiki! Earlier today a small consortium of wiki-developers, including our own Brion Vibber here at the Foundation, put the finishing touches on the Universal Edit Button.  With this little Firefox 3 extension users will be able to click one button, located conveniently in the Firefox address bar, to instantly access the ‘edi... Read more