1. Adding guided tours to Wikipedia

    One of the great strengths of Wikipedia is that community members can employ the same tool used to write the encyclopedia – a wiki – for collaborating on documentation about the project. The downside of this approach is that these pages, written by encyclopedists, tend to be broad and extremely detailed. New contributors to Wikipedia face a daunting list of thousands of help pages, policies, g... Read more

  2. Wikipedia Mobile gets a face lift

    A growing number of visitors access the mobile site of Wikipedia and it is an area the engineering team is keen to improve. To do this, we are offering a more functional and polished experience adapted for mobile users, who operate in a much more confined world compared to those on the desktop. This week we pushed several new and updated design changes to our beta. We hope these changes will provi... Read more

  3. The end of a slushed sprint

    Consolidation was the name of the game for the past sprint for Wikimedia’s Localization team. A bug triage, testing, documentation and bug fixes were the activities designed to make our software more stable and more usable. When you read the bug triage report it becomes clear how much the devil is in the details; real native language expertise is needed to understand and assess the issues... Read more

  4. End of sprint 6; Translate and other goodies

    Every two weeks a sprint and every week a deployment. The Localisation team aims to bring you new and updated functionality when we have it. As you can see in the summary below, the focus this sprint has been very much on the Translate extension. Management of translations and the translation process is what we have worked on. When texts are translated in a Wiki, they often are only needed within ... Read more

  5. The localisation team sprints into the new year..

    WebFonts is the first extension that gets user documentation served from At the time of writing, the documentation has been written, it does serve people with help text about WebFonts and it is ready for translation. People looking for help will be served help in the language of their user interface if there is a translation. In a way it seems like a minor thing but consider; MediaW... Read more

  6. Localisation team sprint 5 update II

    Probably the most interesting highlight of today’s i18n deployment is the configuration of the Translate extension on We have observed that on some wikis special pages exist that explain in the language of the Wiki functionality like Narayam or WebFonts. Such documentation is welcome on all MediaWiki installations where the functionality is used by people using the same langua... Read more

  7. India Hackathon 2011

    At the same time as the #WCI11 or the Wikiconference India, there will be a genuine MediaWiki hackathon. The focus of this event will be to crush the technical obstacles that prevent Wikipedia and its sister projects to thrive in India. This hackathon will be the first held in Asia. Many seasoned developers will be coming to Mumbai to learn first hand what can be done and see what can be done ther... Read more

  8. Filter preventing abusive edits comes to all wikis

    Image (1) AbuseFilter-700x274.png for post 6106

    The AbuseFilter extension for MediaWiki, which helps prevent vandalism on wikis, will be globally enabled on all Wikimedia projects later today.... Read more